Published: 08th March 2010
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Use of Neem To Get Rid Of Scabies

Natures Neem scabies treatment: could it be as effective as conventional treatments to get rid of scabies?

So how exactly does Neem scabies treatment work, and find out how to use Neem oil for scabies? That is what we are looking at with this section.

Below you will discover information regarding the effective use of Neem to get rid of scabies treatment, research and clinical studies, and recipes for Neem home treatments for scabies.

Neem and Scabies: Some Background information

Conventional scabies remedies are toxic and may also irritate the skin.

They have to be so harsh to be able to penetrate you skin and kill the mite this causes scabies. Think about it: scabies treatments are essentially pesticides.

Using Neem oil will work to get rid of scabies.

Neem not merely handles the scabies mites naturally, additionally , it soothes your skin, numbs the pain, relieves the itching, reduces the inflammation and redness, and heals any secondary infection that may have occurred because of scratching and open lesions.

There exists another justification for natural treating to get rid of scabies with Neem.

Scabies mites have been completely resistant to numerous conventional pesticides. Often enough the medications fail. But after 1000's of years of traditional use, no insects or other pests have grown to be resistant to Neem, and scientists don't expect this to happen ever. Neem oil works and can carry on doing so.

Let's look somewhat closer on the details: what's scabies, and how could you use Neem oil to help remedy scabies?

Why Neem scabies treatment works and why it's preferable to other "medications".

For which it really is imperative that you know very well what exactly scabies is and what causes it:

Scabies is usually a highly contagious and intensely irritating skin ailment the result of a mite infestation.

The parasitic scabies mites (Sarcoptes scabiei) tunnel underneath your skin to lay their eggs. The eggs, faeces and dead bodies the mites leave behind cause a severe irritation and allergic skin reaction. (Just thinking of it really is horrible enough...)

Since the mites live under skin there're hard to get to and kill. Therefore the substance utilized to kill the scabies mites must penetrate skin. Put simply, it enters one's body.

Any prescription treatment to get rid of scabies can be quite harsh on the skin and body, period. It could do more harm than good.

On the flip side it's well-known which Neem will work for you, for your skin layer as well as for your immune system.

Natures Neem Treatment to get rid of scabies vs. Conventional Treatment to get rid of scabies

Permethrin, a pesticide and also the most familiar scabies treatment, is usually a known skin irritant. It's true this permethrin is poorly absorbed through healthy skin, but individuals with scabies symptoms have broken skin and lesions, therefore the protective barrier of your skin is compromised.

With the allergy towards the scabies mite (the allergy is the key reason to the symptoms of scabies) your sensitive skin is already oversensitive, the immune system is in overdrive, and an immune response like dermatitis is more likely.

A skin reaction to permethrin could possibly be uncommon in people who have healthy skin, but it is not uncommon among scabies sufferers.

Also, the scabies mite is resistant to numerous pesticides, but is not to Neem treatment. So natural treating of scabies with Neem is particularly helpful for persistent cases, where other scabies treatments didn't work.

Along with which Neem is usually used as and suitable for skincare, specifically for irritated and inflamed skin. Its not just to get rid of scabies there is hundreds of uses

The instant relief from symptoms that the majority of people report is due towards the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic action of Neem. (You can read more about which within the pages about Psoriasis or Eczema on natures Neem website.) Neem will work for your skin layer!

With that in mind, let's consider some research results and studies on use of Neem to get rid of scabies: Scabies Neem Research Results

â€Å"The scabies Neem research described within this page was over in India, like the majority of the studies researching Neem.”

In Indian Ayurvedic medicine the traditional natural treatment for scabies is usually a Neem paste with turmeric.

Researchers used the Neem paste (created from one part turmeric root and four parts Neem leaf) to help remedy scabies in 814 people.

Patients received a scrub bath, after which the Neem paste was applied covering the body and left to dry.

97% from the people were cured within 3 to 15 days.

In the matter of localized infections patients were cured in Three to five days. For severe cases, where the body was affected along with a secondary infection was present, it took 6 to 15 days to heal.

From the 2% of cases where treatment failed the key reason why appeared to be irregular application with the scabies Neem paste

Which is quite a strong and convincing result. The study also noted which they found no toxic or side effects towards the scabies Neem treatment whatsoever.

Compare which to conventional prescription treatments, which are much less effective, often are not able to eradicate the mites, but they are harsh on the skin as well as your health. The most popular name for scabies, "seven year itch", says everything...

In another experiment using Neem to help remedy scabies, the patients used a lotion containing Neem leaf extract. The lotion was spread within the affected area, as well as in all patients the scabies mites and symptoms disappeared in three days.

(This is not a clinical study. Treat it as being anecdotal evidence.)


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Now let's see how you can get rid of scabies with Neem from home: Using Neem Oil to get rid of Scabies or the Neem scabies pack from natures Neem..

Do you use Neem oil for scabies treatment?

Most doctors will explain there's no natural treatment for scabies, which the only effective scabies treatment would be to cover your body using a salve or paste containing permethrin.

Permethrin is usually a traditional, strong pesticide, considered to be a skin irritant which could cause dermatitis.

To explain, it is something this I would only touch with gloves, not something which I'd like to smother myself with.

This is also true lesser common conventional remedies, and many types of those drugs have another thing in common: on many occasions the scabies mites already are resistant for the poison.

Prescription medicines are harsh on the skin as well as your health, and despite their toxicity they often don't eradicate the parasites. In reality, often they do not even relieve the horrible itch!

When doctors insist this there's no alternative treatment for scabies they're plain wrong. There is certainly no prescription alternative, but there exists an entirely safe and extremely effective natural treatment for scabies: Neem.

Neem Oil and Scabies Mites

Now, when people hear Neem they'll often think Neem oil. Neem oil is usually a popular way to handle plant pests, for example spider mites and the great British green fly

Neem soap (manufactured from Neem oil) along with other Neem oil products can also be a recommended treatment to the scabies equivalent in dogs: mange mites.

So, apparently Neem oil works wonders on mites. It's only natural to assume which Neem oil scabies treatment would work. And yes it does.

Yes, you should use Neem oil to get rid of scabies. But did you know that Neem oil seriously isn't the traditional Neem scabies treatment?

The classic Neem scabies treatment is usually a Neem leaf/turmeric paste. This is actually the treatment which was tested in scabies Neem research. Unfortunately it's messy and requires some time and preparation. And you have to make it every single day!

Luckily you will find alternatives. You should use Neem oil for scabies, and you can use the Neem leaf. You may make your personal concoctions or you have available bought Neem products which we recommend Natures Neem based in uk they do state UK shipping only but can usually accommodate Europe and USA by prior arrangement.

Natures Neem carries some 80 Neem products well worth a browse


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